Illustration by: Molly Deering

Money and whiteness: these are the topics I know in my embodied experience to have profoundly affected my heart, mind and, as importantly, my bank account. The impact is felt and reverberates through and across all of my relationships — the most intimate to the seemingly insignificant. And while my personal experience is important, at least to me, this is not a personal essay. It is a call for a compassionately held inner reckoning to begin living in honorable and just relationship to ourselves and others. I deeply believe that we in the white community are unwell. I witness our…

I have been thinking a lot about my own pithy spiritually leaning FB posts and those of the people I love. And I have been very aware of how I publically speak about my sacred classes and events and those of other healers in my community. From all this thinking and listening what I feel needs some airspace is the way in which we portray the spiritual path and its practices as a means of achieving an elevated state of personal betterment — balance, power, light, joy and so forth. We are prone to sell the shine and are ever…

This week I will be facilitating a bi-monthly Social Justice Activist Meditation gathering in Austin, Texas on busyness and its affects on the inner life. Today I began preparing for this by taking some time to sit, silent with my eyes closed on my living room couch. I began by speaking out loud the Sufi invocation:

Towards the One

the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty

the only being,

united with all the illuminated souls

who form the embodiment of the Eternal

The Spirit of Guidance.

Then I did a breath practice. I sat quietly and turned my attention to…


Amira Anne Glickman

  1. You have regularly experienced people standing up when you or someone of your gender walks into the room out of extreme deference.
  2. You rarely (if ever) have read about, met, or heard mention of the highest titled member of your spiritual or religious order being someone who was not a member of your gender.
  3. You are unaware of the cultural taboo that applies to people not of your gender if they risk speaking about their desire to advance within the teaching ranks of the leadership.
  4. The gender of the people you are addressing at any given…

Amira Anne Glickman

student + teacher of mystism, social justice activist, mother, writer + resource sharer. @sacredreststop

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